Sharing thoughts on being a maker and sometime breaker of tech along with other interests such as electronics, photography, films and running.

Opinions are my own...unless pilfered from someone smarter, better looking or can do more push-ups.

  • Configuring and working with Docker Machine

    Docker Machine is a component of Docker that allows management of remote virtual machines hosting docker containers. This post covers on overview of Docker Machine and some handy commands to configure and manage it.
  • Enabling Diagnostics and Logging output from Windows Azure Web Apps

    A walkthrough of the options that Windows Azure has on offer in order to log details from your Web App.
  • Using Jekyll to generate a static site

    Jekyll is a static site generator that is growing in popularity since being adopted by Github to power Github Pages. It's a flexible, easy-to-pick-up tool that scans source content such as html, markdown, less, sass and coffee-script files and generates all the assets of your website, following your defined templates.

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